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Vaccines Articles

Kids Given Vaccines Have 22 Times the Rate of Ear Infections

32 times the rate of sinusitis, 4x allergies, 2x asthma, 4x hayfever, 3x ADHD and 19 times higher odds of Autism based on this 7,850 person survey. Yet 98% of parents give it to their children -...

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Vaccine Court Is a Big Pharma Fraud

11 Apr 2017 | 184,015 Views

You're told it's safe, so why is the risk all on your shoulders? Be careful, with the new laws, they're churning out an ever-growing number of poorly tested concoctions with dubious benefits. Don't be their guinea pig, the consequences are too great.

Does Informed Consent Truly Exist?

11 Apr 2017 | 17,894 Views

Informed consent means you have the human right and should have the legal right to be fully informed and make voluntary decisions about medical interventions that carry risks for you or your minor child. But throughout history, and even in the modern day, this basic human right has been subject to attack.

New Bill to Penalize Missed Vaccines

04 Apr 2017 | 47,202 Views

H.R. 1313, the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act, is intended to clarify rules relating to workplace wellness programs and disease prevention, but may give employers the legal ability to penalize or apply surcharges to employers who choose not to get vaccinated.

Now More Vaccines Recommended for Failing Mumps Vaccine

14 Mar 2017 | 31,476 Views

A spike in US mumps cases among vaccinated individuals has health officials considering adding a third dose of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine to the recommended childhood vaccine schedule. But is giving another dose of a failing vaccine really the answer?

How CDC Uses False Fears to Promote Vaccine Uptake

07 Mar 2017 | 206,855 Views

Recent studies suggest it triggers psychiatric disorders, as well as autism in unborn babies. Yet doctors have been hoodwinked into hawking this as a boon for your health. Avoid it like the plague, because the damage it leaves behind can be permanent, and you'll be holding the bag.

Kennedy Challenges Journalists to Balanced Discussion About Vaccine Safety

28 Feb 2017 | 219,640 Views

And authorities still maintain it's safe, for any age. While you would never take 60 Tylenol tablets in one day, why would you ever consent to a massive dose of this doctor-recommended preventative, on repeated occasions? To make matters worse, there's not even data showing it's safe for the brain and immune system.

Genital Warts Vaccine Tested on Infants

28 Feb 2017 | 38,507 Views

The human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine is among the most controversial vaccines on the market. It’s effectiveness at reducing cervical cancer rates has been called into question, along with its safety, and now manufacturers may be trying to expand its use by testing it on infants.

CDC Seeks Quarantine Powers

14 Feb 2017 | 33,394 Views

A new isolation and quarantine rule published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is scheduled to go into effect in March, but critics have been arguing since the CDC first published the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) last August that it is an example of federal government overreach that puts Americans; civil liberties at risk.

Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?

31 Jan 2017 | 220,313 Views

Watch out for the oppressors at work in this current phase of the controversy. They've been waiting for a new open season on your freedom to think and decide for yourself, and they think they have it. But lies, statistical trickery and other deceptions may put the life of your loved ones at risk.

Trump Sets Off Media Firestorm With Creation of Vaccine Safety Review Panel

24 Jan 2017 | 298,112 Views

He says they're getting away with murder and he's going to do something about it, triggering drug stocks to take a sudden nosedive. He also sent shockwaves through the drug industry and the media when he asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head up this controversial safety review panel.


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