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Vaccines Articles

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Robert De Niro Enters the Vaccine Safety Battle

26 Apr 2016 | 179,739 Views

I'm sure he had no intention of doing so, he just spoke his truth and urged everyone to watch this film, be more open to discussions about this complicated manner - and explore these questions that need to be answered.

Pertussis Microbe Outsmarts the Vaccines as Experts Argue About Why

12 Apr 2016 | 196,283 Views

And with 94 percent of those in this age group taking it, this is nothing to laugh about - especially when you consider those getting it can spread this infection, which is evading its attacker and creating new strains causing more serious disease.

How Aluminum in Vaccines Affects Your Health

03 Apr 2016 | 254,006 Views

Don't be coerced into getting this blindly, or the end result could be a nightmare. Instead, show him these facts and watch his mouth drop - it's not proven safe and it's a poison that can stay in your body for years.

Knowledge Is the Antidote for Vaccine Orthodoxy

02 Feb 2016 | 74,526 Views

In the U.S., public health officials dictate that Americans must believe vaccines are safe and effective, and that government mandates are a good thing. Those who dare talk about the "other" side of the vaccine story are criticized and threatened, but only by becoming knowledgeable about vaccine risks and failures can we truly protect public health and safety.

Whooping Cough Vaccine Not as Effective as Thought and Spreads Through Those Vaccinated

26 Jan 2016 | 34,212 Views

A whooping cough outbreak at one Florida preschool occurred even though most of the students were fully vaccinated against it, adding to increasing evidence that the pertussis vaccine is failing to prevent whooping cough in the U.S.

Flu Flop: Another Year of Dangerous CDC Lies

01 Dec 2015 | 78,625 Views

Is getting a flu vaccine really the best way to stay well this flu season? History shows that public health agencies' aggressive flu shot promotion may be at best misguided and at worst dangerous.

Vaccines—Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?

14 Nov 2015 | 497,245 Views

There's a growing body of research linking it to a variety of health issues, including brain damage, learning disabilities, allergies, asthma, gut problems, autoimmune diseases, and chronic infections. Here's what your doctor didn't learn in medical school.

Vaccine Injury Compensation: Government’s Broken Social Contract with Parents

10 Nov 2015 | 180,160 Views

What's happened over the last 30 years has turned into a drug company stockholder's dream, and a parent's worst nightmare. And, it's based on a colossal lie that's still being told. You'll be enraged when you find out how a good chunk of your tax dollars are behind it.

The Window of Opportunity to Protect Vaccine Freedom Is Closing

08 Nov 2015 | 238,997 Views

If you think things are bad now with the current vaccine policy, get ready for a potentially even worse nightmare. With FDA standards possibly being LOWERED to give the green light to industry, researchers are busy genetically engineering vaccines and more.

Flu Vaccine: The Unpredictable Prediction

06 Oct 2015 | 121,173 Views

Last year's flu vaccine was an utter failure with effectiveness rates of just 18 percent - and lower among children. Although there's no way to know whether the flu virus will again mutate this year, leaving the flu vaccine next to worthless, health officials are recommending it to virtually all Americans - with gusto.


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