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Questionable Tactics Used in Vaccine 'Safety' Testing

12 Jun 2018 | 178,598 Views

No wonder the Japanese government removed it from its list of recommended vaccines - there's zero evidence it's prevented a single disease, and trial data shows it actually increases your risk by 44.6 percent under these conditions. Please be careful, also linked to death.

Why People Are Losing Trust in the Vaccine Industry

05 Jun 2018 | 103,595 Views

You've been told the science is solid, but when you peek behind the curtain and dig a little deeper, you quickly discover nothing could be further from the truth. No wonder public confidence is waning - it may be the greatest health betrayal of the past century.

Is the MMR Vaccine a Fraud or Does It Just Wear Off Quickly?

03 Apr 2018 | 113,300 Views

In some areas, the vaccination rate is near 100 percent, yet despite the promise of 'herd immunity,' outbreaks keep occurring, primarily among those who have been vaccinated. Have you been lied to, or is something else going on?

The Big Bad Flu Data — What You Need to Know About Vaccine Effectiveness and Alternatives

13 Mar 2018 | 135,613 Views

In fact, for some groups it quadruples risk of respiratory infection. Worse, it can act as a magnet for rogue strains of viruses. If you value feeling great and not sick, follow the research on this premier option to pin your hopes on. It's one of the best antiviral strategies out there.

Doctor Wants to 'Snuff Out' Pharmaceutical Skeptics

13 Mar 2018 | 19,942 Views

A doctor and vaccine developer has stated the movement calling for increased scientific study into vaccine safety, efficacy and risks, and calling for protection of informed consent, should be 'snuffed out,' i.e., crushed or killed. In reality, an open conversation into the safety and effectiveness of the current vaccination program is urgently needed.

Ghost in the Machine, Part 3 — Pride and the Politics of Vaccines

29 Dec 2017 | 100,610 Views

Ethicists cite multiple reasons this practice should be banned even while medical elitists are brazen operatives in this dirty business - even some whose PR arms make them look like great champions of the poor. This puts that claim to shame. And it's worse than you probably think.

700,000 Children Will Suffer This Severe Vaccine Side Effect

19 Dec 2017 | 76,340 Views

Hundreds of thousands of schoolkids in the Philippines have been vaccinated with Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccine, which the company just announced may increase risk of severe cases of the disease in some people. Red flags were first raised in 2016.

Officials Admit Flu Vaccine 2017 Likely Worthless

19 Dec 2017 | 56,095 Views

For the past 12 years, influenza vaccine has failed to work half the time. At best, the flu shot's effectiveness tops out at 40 percent to 60 percent, but estimates for the 2017-2018 flu vaccine are far lower - coming in at a dismal 10 percent. Yet, even as this year's shot appears to be a major flop, health officials are still pushing it hard.

How Much Do You Really Know About Vaccine Safety?

16 Dec 2017 | 244,196 Views

If it has the most dubious safety record as judged by recalls, what does that imply for you? Right. But some proponents get downright militant about it. As it stands right now, they even have your doctor brainwashed to say it's a godsend for your health. So do your own study.

Increase in Vaccine-Related Shoulder Injuries

12 Dec 2017 | 25,619 Views

Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration, or SIRVA, is on the rise. The condition, which causes rapid onset of pain and decreased range of motion in the shoulder, is most common in adults, following repeat vaccinations like the flu shot, and is thought to be caused by receiving an injection too high on the shoulder.