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Vaccines Articles

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Documentary “Shots in the Dark” Delves into Catastrophic Vaccine Reactions

24 Jan 2015 | 262,518 Views

It's just one of the toxic compounds, along with mercury itself, that's found in this commonly recommended procedure. But don't expect your doctor or pediatrician to tell you about it... there's too much at stake.

Another Epic Fail for Influenza Vaccine

20 Jan 2015 | 190,337 Views

Research shows it not only fails to work, it can actually increase your risk of different strains of the disease it's meant to stop. And the latest developments are bloodcurdling, potentially allowing the viruses to multiply to higher levels than ever...

The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of

18 Jan 2015 | 271,938 Views

Linked to unexplained illness and death, this phony health aid invites ever more virulent strains into your life with open arms. Fortunately, these guerilla tactics can be even more powerful. Has your doctor been brainwashed by the system?

Evolving Bacteria Outsmarts Vaccines

13 Jan 2015 | 233,392 Views

Whistleblower contests the widely hyped study they say justifies the safety and efficacy of this esteemed treatment. Now scientists think we're creating far more virulent diseases and undermined immune function instead. With potentially fatal implications...

Feds Vow to Publicize Vaccine Injuries Claim Program

30 Dec 2014 | 222,313 Views

Nobody wants to take responsibility for its side effects, but the experts insist you have it - even though the side effects can include immediate seizures as well as brain inflammation that can lead to permanent brain damage.

Vaccine Court: Attorneys Win, Families Suffer

02 Dec 2014 | 38,964 Views

The government hires pharma-connected doctors to discredit legitimate vaccine-injury cases, according to a shocking investigation into the United States’ secretive vaccine court.

Vaccines—Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?

15 Nov 2014 | 280,053 Views

Please do your research before trusting your doctor about this - it's linked to a whole bundle of health issues, including an increased risk for brain damage, learning disabilities, allergies, asthma, gut problems, autoimmune diseases, and chronic infections.

Vaccination: Defending Your Right to Know and Freedom to Choose

13 Nov 2014 | 262,148 Views

As medical scientists increasingly use religious symbols and crusading language to describe this controversial procedure, do you dare question or speak out against it and risk being labelled an anti-science heretic and threat to public health? Here's why you must join the conversation.

Will There Be an Ebola Outbreak in America?

11 Nov 2014 | 202,833 Views

This localized outbreak has been turned into a global public emergency, and believe it or not, there's reason to suspect American and International authorities actually want this highly contagious disease to become as widespread as HIV/AIDS.

Can People Receiving Live Virus Vaccines Transmit Vaccine Strain Virus to Others?

09 Nov 2014 | 178,733 Views

One of its biggest dangers is that while you may not show symptoms, you can still transmit this virus to loved ones who may be more at-risk. But it gets even worse... It all goes to show that this immune trick is a fraud... here's a better way.


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