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How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Vaccines

12 Jan 2021

Recipients of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are suffering alarming life-threatening anaphylactic responses that have landed some in the ER. One shared ingredient is a substance that 70% of people develop antibodies against, which suggests many fatalities may lie ahead.

Parent Versus Pediatrician: An Open Vaccine Debate

26 Dec 2020

You might expect sparks to fly, but they didn't in this enlightening and positive exchange. Instead, this neither 'pro' nor 'anti' vaccine discussion seeks to educate and focus on what's best to protect public health.

Several COVID-19 Vaccines Are Made Using Aborted Fetal Cells

15 Dec 2020

Do the new COVID-19 vaccines really contain cells from an aborted fetus as some journalists claim? While fact checkers may try to label those claims as false, the truth is in the details concerning the vaccines from these six vaccine manufacturers.

COVID-19 Vaccination May Be Difficult to Avoid

14 Dec 2020

Two ideas being floated to increase vaccine acceptance are paying a bribe, or making a pandemic stimulus payment dependent on getting the COVID-19 vaccine. And if that doesn't work, you may be required to get the shot to keep your job. What else does the US government have up its sleeve?

Emergency COVID-19 Vaccines May Cause Massive Side Effects

08 Dec 2020

With the vaccine on the precipice of mass distribution, news media is on fire regarding who will get the vaccine first and how it will be distributed. So why do they refuse to talk about what the definition of 'effective' actually is? Only read if you can handle the truth.

The Plan Is Unfolding for How Vaccines Will Be Monitored

01 Dec 2020

Operation Warp Speed (OWS) has emerged as a program to fast-track COVID-19 vaccines to hundreds of millions of Americans. Dominated by military, technology companies and US intelligence agencies rather than public health officials, the plans for ongoing surveillance of Americans following vaccination are sounding alarms.

Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel

24 Nov 2020

Resistance against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination exists around the world, so how will health officials entice people to get vaccinated? While forced vaccination appears to be on the table for the future, here are the repercussions you can expect if you refuse a 'voluntary' vaccine.

SV40 and Vaccine Contamination

24 Nov 2020

Beginning in the 1950s, hundreds of millions of people across the globe received both inactivated and live oral polio vaccines contaminated with simian virus 40 (SV40), a monkey virus linked to chronic disease. Although SV40 has since been associated with mesotheliomas, lymphomas, brain and bone tumors, controversy over the contamination continues.

Vaccination May Raise the Risk of Meningitis

03 Nov 2020

One of the side effects of vaccinations may be meningitis. Discover the symptoms to look for, how to report an adverse event and how you can advocate for your health.

How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged

27 Oct 2020

Despite what you've been told about the 'rigorous testing,' here's what a 'passing grade' actually means - and why everyone who takes it will only be exposing themselves to uncalculated risks, without reducing the risk of infection, hospitalization or death.