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Dogs' Rights Now Exceed Human Rights

25 Feb 2020

Delaware is the first to pass a bill that would allow titers to be given in lieu of rabies vaccines for certain dogs, cats and ferrets. Concerns surrounding over-vaccination and one-size-fits-all policies are being acknowledged in pets and even livestock, but are sorely missing from the human vaccination discussion.

NBC Attacks Grieving Mother for Not Giving Son Flu Medication

25 Feb 2020

A defamatory article by NBC News blasted a woman who had just lost her son due to influenza. The article suggested she was to blame for his death because she didn't give him flu medication. The journalist didn't interview the boy's family or address known side effects and questionable efficacy of the medication.

Cochrane Founder Warns Flu Vaccine Research Is Corrupted

25 Feb 2020

In a February 9, 2020 tweet, this professor claimed a 'financially conflicted' individual rearranged vaccine trial data to make it appear as though it reduces mortality, when in reality it doesn't. Here's exactly what it said, and the research behind it.

How the CDC Combats Health Freedom Through Front Groups

11 Feb 2020

If you trust advice on vaccines simply because it comes from a credible government source or group, I urge you to read this. Just follow the money (including a 21x increase in spending for this group) to uncover what's really going on behind the scenes.

MIT Wants Permanent Vaccine Record Embedded in Your Skin

04 Feb 2020

MIT scientists have developed an invisible, under-the-skin tattoo that keeps track of your vaccine history and can be read via a specialized smartphone. While being promoted as a tool to save lives in developing countries, funneling funds to improving sanitation, hygiene and water resources makes more sense than tracking vaccinations.

New Jersey Defeats Mandatory Vaccine Bill

28 Jan 2020

A network news division president revealed he would fire a host who brought onto his station any guest who might threaten their advertising revenues. With this industry providing 70% of network news' advertising revenues, it's no wonder they're controlling what you hear and even laws.

Mandatory Flu Vaccine Coming Your Way?

21 Jan 2020

Contracting and overcoming the flu can make you immune against other subtypes of the virus. But what government and public health agencies want you to do actually makes you more susceptible to new pandemic flu strains, as well as other illness.

Reject Big Pharma's Vaccine Mandates in 2020

31 Dec 2019

Please take a stand for informed consent by supporting this initiative and overturning this draconian new law - before Big Pharma gets more out of control in wielding their influence.

Witnessing the Vaccine Injury Epidemic

10 Dec 2019

What has happened to the health of the most highly vaccinated young population in our nation's history? They are crippled by an unprecedented epidemic of chronic disease and disability marked by chronic inflammation in the brain and body. Science is not perfect and vaccines carry unpredictable risks that are greater for some people. Protect your right to make informed decisions.

Doctors Plot to Steal Baby When Parents Refuse Shot

26 Nov 2019

Parents have had their newborns kidnapped by hospital staff and then are investigated for medical neglect for refusing vitamin K injections at birth. A class-action lawsuit has been filed as a result, and audio of a meeting released, detailing state officials' plans to remove infants from their parents and administer this medical procedure without consent.