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Senator Dies From Sepsis, a Common Complication of Infection, Including Influenza

11 Dec 2018

You could be one medical decision away from writing your own death warrant, as suggested by this Thanksgiving-eve death. Gives new meaning to the idea of dying for your beliefs. He claimed it could be the difference between life and death. If so, was this what he meant?

Manufactured Crisis — HPV, Hype and Horror

08 Dec 2018

You've been told it's a silver bullet, completely safe, and saving lives. But it's actually being linked to blood clots, stroke and cardiac arrest. Is the risk worth it, considering the probability is so low? Finally, the real facts have been brought into the light.

Is the Chickenpox Vaccine Creating a Shingles Epidemic?

04 Dec 2018

Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, which lies dormant in your body and can resurface when you're older. Exposure to chickenpox virus may act as a natural immune booster, lowering shingles rates, but with the advent of the chickenpox vaccine, there is less chickenpox around to provide that natural immune boost.

Top Reasons You Can’t Trust Your Doctor

27 Nov 2018

Many doctors have taken to threatening or belittling patients who ask important questions about vaccine safety, breaking an important trust and interrupting the shared decision-making that should exist in a doctor-patient relationship. Doctors have also been implicated in the growing opioid epidemic and, via medical errors, are a leading cause of death.

Propaganda Machine of $4.3 Billion Influenza Vaccine Industry Is in Full Swing

13 Nov 2018

If you were told it only had a 1 in 71 chance of working, yet would actually double your odds of contracting a 'pandemic' dose - you wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. Yet behind the ‘smoke and mirrors,' that's exactly what's going on.

‘Vaxxed’ — The Hidden Story of How Vaccine Safety Has Been Undermined and Suppressed

13 Oct 2018

Despite its popularity, even amongst the medical elite, nobody is tracking the outcomes even though one study has found one kind can kill 5 times more than it saves. Do not trust blindly, it's backed by a campaign of disinformation designed to pull the wool over your eyes.

What’s Behind the CDC Claiming 80,000 Died From Flu Last Winter?

10 Oct 2018

They're telling you it was the deadliest flu season in four decades, but here's the statistical trick they're using to frighten you into gulping down their toxic bait. Do not be taken in.

Leading Institution for Science-Based Health Advice Implodes After Industry Bias Is Revealed

03 Oct 2018

They've been the gold standard for years, with a reputation that has managed to stay remarkably unblemished - but now they've imploded amid fake news accusations, with this strongly favorable review based on flimsy evidence. Don't trust it.

Shocking Flaws in Gardasil Trial Design Prevents Safety Assessment

29 Sep 2018

Now an 8-month analysis exposes widespread flaws in the studies that were supposed to prove it safe. Side effects swept under the rug include debilitating pain, CFS, autoimmune brain disease and even death. And it doesn't even work as promised. How's that for a skewed risk-reward ratio?

Drug Companies Pay FDA and NIH Pays Universities to Fast Track and Market Vaccines

28 Sep 2018

Even Bill Gates has spoken out about this, and you might be surprised what he has to say. It's deeply controversial, and steps on the toes of certain regulators. But can you count on its help if you have a rare or neglected disease? Or for that matter, even if you have a 'normal' disease?